White Out

Wearing white is so sexy, fresh, and fashionable.  It is timeless.

Helmut Lang  Knit Sleeveless Tank, Daniel Cremieux  Shorts, Vince Camuto Gunmetal Caged Booties

 I remember watching Love Story at least 30 years ago and seeing Ali Macgraw wearing a white tee and white shorts.

love story That visual never left me.  And to this day everytime I see all white in a fashion spread, store or someone on the street I always stop and take notice and admire.

While on my last trip to Boston this display at Nordstroms caught my eye and inspired me


J Crew Spring 2015  Campaign- Fabulous

J Crew Regent Blazer

So can we all wear white ? No matter what shape or size we are?? No!!!

I say no immediately thinking about all my beautiful Autumn Palette clients.  A redhead does not wear white!  It bleaches her out, thus cream is her "white"

Melissa looking so beautiful in a Vintage Cream Cashmere Coat, J Crew Necklace


  What I am talking about is warm vs cool in reference to colors that flatter you!

 I also say  if you are a body type that is an apple, hourglass, or pear the rule of thumb would be to wear darker colors on the bottom.

Ann Taylor Black Fishnet Skirt, Handcrafted Rubber Tire Necklace, Rebecca Minkoff Snakeskin Heeled Sandals


A few additional tips to remember:

1.  Soccer Thighs or  Voluptuous Derriere- yes you can still wear white but...

Make sure the fabric is heavy and drapes beautifully.   Watch for  pockets that show the seams.That is a no no.   Also a cascading top floating past your vulnerable areas will be flattering and wear some heels!


2.  If you are top heavy rather than bottom heavy wear white on the bottom, darker colors on the top.  This will even you out.

My client getting it right!!!


Enough of the rules, below are some fab pics that are white summer hot!

Vince  Tee, Banana Republic  Jeans, J Crew Earrings, Via Spiga Bronze Wedges


J Crew --   The added white, neutral accessories make the "look" a homerun!


I pinned this outfit on Pinterest at least a year ago and I continue to see it coming thru the stream.   I am not the only one noticing this amazing outfit!

shorts 17

I presented a "Shorts" workshop last year and this was one of the visuals.  If you don't like your thigh area then wearing Bermudas will cover up and solve that problem.  By wearing a gorgeous ornate top not only does it distract from the bottom but brings attention up to your face.  This strategy would be a win win.  Dont forget to wear some heels.  If you are screaming at me now for that advice, perhaps a wedge?



A lovely client working it!  We shopped in her closet and we came up with many outfits  This was one of them!


Two thumbs up for rock star attitude and fringe!


Zara 2014.  Love a white suit!!!

Classic, Daring and Edgy-- You have to have confidence to pull this off.  Notice the beautiful drape of the pants.
 Drape in white pants is so elegant.  Ladies if you are tall  do your self a fashion favor and go get some drapey white pants!


Ladies if you are not tall, go get some ankle pants, heels and you can still rock the white pant suit look!

Ann Taylor Jacket, Brooks Brothers Sleeveless Blouse, Lafayette 148 Pants, Stuart Weitzman Slingbacks

In conclusion wearing white psychologically makes us feel good. White represents cleansing and new beginnings White is innocent and pure . White adds and creates space. Putting on a white blouse feels like being given an opportunity to start the day with a clean slate

I think we can all relate to that vibe from time to time versus are dark friend  "black".  In months to come  I will address the color black but for now white is right.

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  1. You come through again with great advice and visuals, Monica. What a wonderful presentation of how and why. Thanks so much.
    • Thanks Judy, so sorry for the delay. I really do love white!
  2. Carol Gordon
    Really beautiful outfits, will keep some of these in mind, thanks for posting!
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