Where the Wild Things are

Point Lobos! Located on the Monterey Peninsula heading towards Big Sur on Highway 1. One of the most beautiful parks in the world! 522 Trails are breathtaking of rugged coast and what you see when you look down off a jagged cliff! 472

479What you see on the horizon- 486What you see in the deep thicket of meadow and trees-- 442The wild things that are so desirable and exciting to observe.489  Have a look at what I have seen and believe in nature.  260

I have been visiting here since I was 10, and I still am awed every time I see these rugged rocks


A visit a few years ago Steve getting friendly with a Pelican



Happy Squirrel


Curious Squirrel


086Curious Otter

Carmel 005

Harbor Seal soon to be enjoying his rest on the rocks

Carmel 006

Dolphin instead of Jaws!

256Love the colors on this crab

Carmel 011

Fossil in the making it appears

Carmel 016Birds nest discovered

Carmel 013Looked above as I was on the trail and there they were!!! Fly Pelicans fly!!!

One blubber, two blubber, three blubber, four and five


The Pennisula's amazing cypress trees


This was so unbelievable. On the trail I saw so much movement ahead in a patch of woods.  This little baby bunny was frolicking with baby quail, momma quail - at least 20 and 10 other little baby bunnies.  Did I just get a preview of heaven????

Amazing Cypress on a Cliff


Rugged coast- so powerful. Gives me strength every time I see it


Alvin doesnt no what he is missing out on!

392 389

Even the littlest creature I find so amazing and beautiful

Am I crazy or does this look like a nice view from their perspective!!  Nature and God's creatures win!!!!!!!253

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  1. Thanks for the little armchair travel for me, Monica. No doubt that nature brings out the best in us and gives us a reprieve from the daily routine and pressures.

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