Where is Jodi today? The Makeover of the Year Winner 2015

It has been 6 months since the MakeOver of the Year Winner Jodi Netzer and I were together.





To recap Jodi entered a Ten Outfits raffle in January and  won a $2500.00 Makeover which went like this:8.5x11-v1 (1)

It was an amazing transformation, and I wanted to see how she was doing currently.  We met at Pencas for lunch to catch up!  She looked great!


006During our lunch we  reminisced our time spent together during the project and what an impact it has made on her life.

She said to me" You came into my life by divine intervention just as I was turning 40 and made a huge difference in my life throughout the whole experience to the finished look.  You  dramatically boosted my professional confidence while maintaining my arty nature.  I love your eye for style and you were super fun!

I really love my job as a wardrobe and style consultant.  Watching transformations and seeing clients potentials and dreams come true about their image and self confidence is a wonderful thing to see and be part of.

As we continued to reminisce it was fun to re-live the final day of the Makeover of the year when we were both going to be on the Morning Blend Tv Show, a local program.

I was camera ready with my BCBG Cobalt Blue cut out dress and Vince Camuto Spike Heeled Shoes.  Its go time....047Heather Van Houten  freelance makeup artist, graciously offered her talents and time to make sure Jodi was also camera ready for the Tv Appearance


I prepared a little Breakfast spread we could all enjoy.  Pain Au Chocolat, Honeydew melon, Hard Boiled eggs and fresh squeezed grapefruit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!


As we had prepared prior to the tv appearance on exact wardrobe, Jodi threw  a curveball to me as the makeup was being applied the morning of.  " I didn't bring with me the vest I am suppose to wear, so I will have to go back to my house and find it"!  Nerving and unsettling this comment was to me, I decided to shop my own wardrobe and come up with an alternative.  I think it worked! A feathered vest that would compliment her jacket in cool colors which was her palette. The Forever 21 Magenta  jacket was purchased at Buffalo Exchange during our shopping trip

021 (2)

The appearance on the Morning Blend was successful and after a month of Jodi's transformation I saw it all come to closure. I was relieved and a little sad at the same time.

Here are a few more highlights of her transformation



On a final note stay tuned for Makeover of the Year 2016!  It is in the works as I speak now and it is going to be yet another wonderful transformation to come------

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  1. I think of all your clients, this one was the most creative and reflected her wishes so well. You did a great job, Monica, and have a great talent.

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