What to Wear, Packing Strategies for a Luxury Getaway Weekend

When anticipating a luxurious spa weekend at The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside one must pack with careful thought. Two words:  Relaxed Glamour!073

Bring comfortable clothes but also add a  little exotic,  a little flashy, a little sense of escapism. Accessories can play a huge part to this plan.002

Zara Prada wanna be Sparkly Strappy Flip flops-  These were so fun and worked with so many outfits.


The getaway defines you are in need of an escape, along with relaxation, rejuvenation, and taking good care of yourself.

I always say when you look good you feel good.  The luxury spa wardrobe isn't so much about image but rather wearing clothes that make you feel good, pretty, and comfortable .   If you know you are going to be surrounded by beauty you want to partake in that beauty also. I did just that as I strategically packed for my luxurious spa weekend.050The airplane outfit is for entering and exiting the getaway.  This Zara Ivory jacket is a soft cotton, so it  won't wrinkle.  The shoes from Talbot's are neutral and will have multiple uses, they are also comfortable with the chunk high heel. I plan on wearing this outfit to dinner when I arrive, so the  earrings will be my Glamour Accessory.


My LongChamps Messenger Black Bag has been my go to travel bag for the past 20 years.  I just  replaced my original one and luckily I was able to purchase the same one on ebay. I am set for another 20 years!


I always prepare my own gourmet lunch, I never settle for Airport food unless it is complete desperate measures . My lunch consisted of a grilled radicchio, goat cheese and prosciutto sandwich on Walnut Bread.  As a travel staple I also usually bring fresh fruit and Stuffed dates with Pecans and Manchego Cheese.  Espresso candies are always in my purse.002


The Pool outfit consists of a basic J Crew black bikini with fabulous baubles. I chose black because it is versatile and coordinate with my cover ups and tote very well.


Coverups- I like to bring two


047 Tote for poolside items .  Banana Republic Multi Stripe tote, Kate Spade Sunglasses with 2.5 Reading lens,  Detangler Travel Spray for my frizzy hair, Sublime Spray Oil with SPF 15 (love this product) neutrogena lip balm, Aqua Sphere Goggles, swimcap, reading material . And of course the Iphone!


The Missoni beauty bag is for beauty and hair  products. Since this is a Water related trip I specifically brought Makeup Forever waterproof eyebrow color, and Aqua Eyeshadow sticks along with L'oreal Waterproof Mascara.  Clarins Eau Dynamisante is a fresh clean fragrance that I have enjoyed for years and no one seems to be offended by the scent in a public situation.


Spa outfit:  In addition to my fun flip flops I layered a tissue white tee, with a cami and on the bottom I  wore my Eileen Fisher Brown Cotton Pants.  Comfy!027

The spa was phenomenal, I booked quite a few services and enjoyed every minute of them. The Scalp Massage and Foot Reflexology were to die for.


 Exploring outfit: The hotel provided 1.5  walking history tours, and it was marvelous learning about the rich history of the hotel. Two thumbs up! Vince Blue Cotton Boatneck Tee ( protecting my decollete), Ann Taylor Navy Shorts, Multiple Necklace Strands


 Dining outfits:  Below is French Connection cotton striped maxi with my favorite  Target Brown belt. Talbots Neutral Heeled Sandals


2nd Dinner outfit: My travel Zara Jeans, Forever 21 Fleur Cami, Old Navy Pink Cotton Cardigan, the Talbot's shoes again!


I didn't want to bring my Messenger bag to dinner so I used my super fun Kate Spade Clutch.014

I read a Conde Nast Traveler article in 1992 when the hotel had a grand reopening from being closed for 7 years for restoration and remodeling.




I had always wanted to visit and thanks for livingsocial  offering a special, it reminded me to go!  I ended up not purchasing the livingsocial package because I wanted something better than a standard room,  I  wanted something with architectural aspects.040

The hotel was spectacular, it surpassed my expectations.  Everywear you looked there was something interesting to see.011111  Spiral staircases:  This particular staircase was in my room.



Wrought iron doors, guard rails and windows,




100 Crystal chandelier,020Flying buttresses,065Stain glass from Louis C. Tiffany,077


Gilded Altars at the chapel, church pews from a belgium convent,

105Custom tiles,086


Handcrafted furniture, this particular chair was made for President Taft due to his large frame and he was insulted when asked to sit in it. 120Statues : St Francis of Assisi 116114 And the list goes on. There were even two Macaws named Napoleon and Josephine that greeted all the guests at the entrance. The original owner and wife possessed Macaws with the same name and the tradition lives on.048 There was no stopping Frank Miller the eclectic genius with the vision to create a mission influenced style hotel at the time in 1901 when it was unheard of. 066 High influential friends such as Rockefeller  President Taft, Louis C Tiffany and many others supported the project.022

As times changed, the economy had fallen, the hotel suffered and as a result went into foreclosure in the 70s.  A shuffling of owners tried their stake at managing a grand hotel but it wasn't until Duane Roberts purchased the hotel and restored the hotel in all its glory from the past adding modern amenities which included a world class spa which his wife manages, Kelly's Spa.

The pool scene was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 045 On Saturday the scene was a  crazy packed party, definitely  W Hotel Vegas vibe.   A  mixed bag of guests from head to toe tattooed men and women, to a 10+ gay men scene sipping daiquiris  and overtaking lounge chairs and tables,  to a bachelorette party,  to a girls spa weekend, screaming children, and  locals enjoying their stay cation.  It was a feast of flesh no doubt. Sunday on the other hand  was spa living.  I guess all the above checked out so it was quite and peaceful. Even the children were quiet! I preferred this vibe to Saturday's vibe. I even had enough room in the pool to swim laps and read by the pool.

The dining highlight was  sitting in the courtyard on a perfect summer evening. Soaking up the view  looking up and seeing the arches,corridors and cascading bougainvillea .  I ordered crab cakes and a martini and just took my sweet time.  Ahhh125

Saying  goodbye to this amazing place was truly difficult.  I wanted to stay longer  and wasn't ready to head back to reality just quite yet.    But all good things must come to an end as super shuttle picked me up and the trek home began.

I wore  clothes that presented a confident image because with certainty you never know who your going to meet and sit next to on the plane. Be ready at all times!  036035Turned out a lovely woman joined my isle and  it ended up she was visiting her sister in Tucson who was looking for a personal shopper! Yes!! Help is on the way with Ten Outfits, my business.

The trip started as a spa weekend and ended up as a business write off. Not bad.

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  1. So enjoyable to look and read, Monica. Absolutely perfect selection of clothing and accessories and the hotel looks like something from another time and place. And what a coincidence on the plane! Excellent.
    • Thanks for reading it, I really loved the Mission Inn and look forward to returning some day! When are you coming back to Tucson?
      • As soon as possible, Monica. Early October , maybe the 9th or 10th. Will have you and Steve over to the hacienda. Dick and I want to do or recreate, rather, our California trip before we were married.
  2. Carol Gordon
    Loved reading this blog Monica! Now I know where to go and what to wear. Because of you, I want to go to Chicago. Do all the fun things you do, shop at all those fun places, and spoil myself at great restaurants. Keep blogging!!!!
    • Glad you enjoyed the blog and are inspired to travel. Chicago is my favorite city!! If you haven't been, you definitely need to go. Thanks for your support!
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  4. wrong, it should be http://www.reoria.com/outfits

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