Walking Shoes talking to Sexy Heeled Shoes

 What you are viewing is a typical scenario while  on vacation.  It usually involves a big city in which I want to see everything on FOOT.  I love the exercise, being outdoors and experiencing all the nooks and crannies of a city.   I walk by interesting  store fronts windows, signs, gardens , iron gates,  and great buildings and  architecture from Modern to Deco.

The Shoe Lover that I am must surrender to “comfortable walking” shoes which disturbs me for a short while because quite frankly I am short and love what heels can do for a petite frame , not to mention what heels can do for your legs and over all outfits.  Dammit!!!  OH well-------

This particular trip was in San Francisco. I like to visit from time to time and it is great to be a Tourist where I once lived four years ago.  My ideal walking plan is to start at Jeremy’s , a resale store that is absolutely fabulous.   Past score an Alexander Mc Queen Jacket .  I then move my way to the Ferry Building to check out Farmers Market, My eyes open wide to all the gorgeous produce , fresh fish, flowers, etc for sale.

Art Deco Entrance Way

Flat Iron Building 

Walking thru China Town  Great Advertising!

Dogs waiting for their Walk!

Next destination is  North Beach where I allow myself  to have a break and yes my feet are starting to hurt. I  have  lunch at my favorite dive restaurant Osteria Del Forno, cash only.  It reminds my a little of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld because you have to behave outside and wait patiently before they allow you in.  My husband and I have been going there for the past 10 years and only on Friday’s.  Why?  Because only on  Friday's  Pumpkin ravioli are  on the menu.  When you take a bite of Osteria’s Pumpkin ravioli sentences are stopped in mid sentence , your eyes close with deep concentration because you can’t believe something can taste so good and you don’t want to miss a second of this euphoric bite!   Wine can only add to the wonderful experience and at this point I am not feeling any Foot Pain what so ever!  AAAHHHH. I seem to get lucky frequently with a window seat and just watch the world go by on Columbus Ave.

Osteria Del Forno in North Beach

The View from my window seat - Always be camera ready, you never know what will go by!

Deciding to move on I walk to Fillmore Street where the most breath-taking views are of Golden Gate Bridge  and the Ocean.  It is so BEAUTIFUL!  I also love Fillmore  Street because  it is lined with beautiful little boutiques, quaint coffee shops, bakeries and  it is the best for people watching.  Everyone is very chic on this street and of course wearing SF Black attire.  Fog+ Cold =Black.  I usually get an espresso and a pastry and this point I am  satisfied at all I have seen, experienced,  ate, drank, and possibly purchased.

The Top of Fillmore Street

What a great day  and when I go home or back to the hotel , when the shoes have been removed I am thankful for Band Aids, Strong Legs, and the opportunity of having a splendid day!  Afterall blisters, aches and pains are only temporary and I know I will be back in one of my favorite pair of sexy heels again!

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