Turkey Dinner Tips, Leftovers and Dancing thru the process!

So many of my friends and acquaintances are frustrated this time of year because  when it comes to the Turkey Dinner they can't do GRAVY or STUFFING!!  I hear this all the time and I say : "But it is so easy"!  So this year I decided to unravel the mystery of these basics so everyone can get  these delicacies on the table along with the other components that make a great Thanksgiving Dinner!  Below is my classic Turkey Day Dinner028

1. Stuffing : Cube bread and leave out on counter 1-2 days  to dry out


Saute onions, celery and add herbs at the end.  Do not rush this process and make sure veggies are soft.  Season with Salt and Pepper007


Mix cooked veggies with Bread Crumbs and then add Hot Turkey or Chicken Stock.  Mix with your HANDS until moist.  Add more herbs: Sage, Thyme, Rosemary

010 (2)and Flat Leaf Parsley, not Curly-- too bitter008 (2)Place finished stuffing in a ovenproof dish and heat thru when ready0122. Mashed Potatoes

Peel and cut  Idaho Potatoes, Boil until soft in Salted Water, Mash, add a little butter and milk until desired consistency, add salt and pepper.  DO NOT PUT IN BLENDER unless you are going for a glue consistency!!!


0453. Turkey

Rinse and Pat dry your bird.  Truss to keep all the wings and legs close to the body, and baste with butter.  Sprinkle salt pepper and paprika.  Cook desired time depending on the weight of the bird


Check the temp, my bird which was 12 pounds registered at 160 and it was juicy and delicious017Let your bird rest, and cool down at least 30 minutes before carving013Presentation matters and your guests will appreciate the bird cut up and ready to be plated0364. Green Beans with Caramelized Onions

I wear goggles when I cut onions in large quantities to prevent myself from a crying melt down not worthy of tears.  This is 8 onions that have been roasted and caramelized with a little sugar and Balsamic Vinegar for approximately 3 hours at 350.


Saute your green beans in batches.  Overcrowding a pan will not allow the beans to cook properly.  Dont over cook your beans, so sample  them during the cooking process0080105. Gravy- The Ultimate Challenge !

After removing your bird from the roasting pan pour all the drippings into a gravy seperator


Let cool for a few minutes049Pour about a 1/2 cup of the fat that is on the top in the roasting pan, the good stuff is on the bottom- no fat.
053Add flour to your roasting pan054Now pour all the good juices into a bowl and leave the remaining fat liquid in the container.  YOU DON'T NEED ALL THAT FAT!  Save the extra  calories for the pecan pie!
059Whisk it all together in the roasting pan, this is called a ROUX060Add Turkey Stock, Trader Joes had it seasonally065Continue Stirring067070Use what you need, freeze the rest for a rainy day!0806.Pecan Pie  Sorry I only have a picture of the finished pie.


This was a brief teaser on the dinner.  My suggestion is googling, read cookbooks, and Magazines to get recipes that attract you and go from there.  This blog was about little details that are missed and seem to be a mystery that prevents us to even attempting the cooking process.  Never say never and go for it!!

Dancing and Cooking makes everything taste better !  Yes I love to cook and I love to dance.  They seem to compliment one another in the kitchen and I like to have as much fun as possible.


032Leftovers My favorite!!!

1. Turkey Pot PIe

Prep veggies, and cut up left over Turkey into cubes


Make a Veloute which is back to the Gravy principle.  Make a roux of fat (butter) and flour and then add Turkey or Chicken Stock..  No Cream or Milk is necessary.  so many people think Pot Pies are in a cream sauce.  Not true 008Roll out  tthawedpastry, I used frozen-- Cheating014I also was in a hurry and did not do a stellar job, but pieced it all together.  I guess I got exhausted with my dancing!016Not my best presentation, but it tasted delicious!!!!0182.  Turkey Avocado and Sprout Sandwich

Mash Avocados, add the turkey, and sprouts and load it up on Sourdough Bread! This is a tie of my other favorite sandwich a BLT!


Bon Appetit!!!!

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  1. Superb job, Monica, and I like to dance, too. The one thing I am doing with the mashed potatoes is cooking them in chicken stock with a little carrot as well. Just adds to the flavor and a little added nutrition with the carrot. I love your cooking blogs!

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