Ten Spring Trends that Tucsonans will Love

This Spring the Fashion Trends include the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  I was inspired with so many beautiful looks that  I am showcasing the Good, with specific detail to the needs of those who live in the Desert, Tucson Arizona.   I consistently hear the challenges Tucsonans face when approaching their wardrobes with the heat, sweat, and sun to deal with.   My job as a Wardrobe Consultant is to tackle these needs and provide my clients with options and alternatives in which they can maintain a stylish wardrobe, be comfortable and feel great without breaking the bank.  I always suggest Pinterest Inspiration Boards or Binders for which they can use to "see " a great look and then modify to their own comfort zone.   Below are the "Inspirations of Spring Trends"

1.  Bermuda Shorts:  Classic and Cover the Upper Thigh, in other words no more daisy dukes.

j crew 49.50

bermuda shorts

2. Black and White: How easy can this be?   Wearing Black and White will always be sharp, chic, and dramatic.  If you have blonde hair go for the white on top, brunettes- try for black on top. Redheads- go for cream on top, black on bottom.


black white bootie

black white

blk white 2 calvin klein

3. Peek a Boo, and  Lingerie by Day    Peek a Boo is a little tease with a sheer blouse, sheer jacket, laser cuts in the clothes.  Thinking of playing it safe?  Think again.


cut out peek aboo

lingierie 2


4. Statement Accessories: OMG Look at that!  Prada comes to mind a couple of seasons ago with the Baroque Sunglasses.  I happen to have a knock off pair and they are so fun around the pool!  Not only are sunglasses outrageous, but also handbags, jewelry, and shoes.  Have fun and don't be afraid to stand out!

prada-spring-2011 celine birk alexander mc queen

5. Stripes:  With Denim= All American, With Navy= Nautical, With Florals= Daring, With White Jeans= Star Power- think Jackie O, or Ali MacGraw.  Keep in mind the size of your stripes and where they are placed on your body!  Never follow a trend if it doesn't flatter your body type.

stripes adorable

michael kors oscar sart1

6.  Short Suits:  I have always loved a Short Suit,  perfect for Tucson!  Dressed up without the extra fabric to overheat.  How is your relationship with your legs these days?  Variety of Lengths in Shorts gives us all an opportunity to pull this look off, and the more fabulous your shoes are the more fabulous your outfit will look!  Simple tanks and accessories finish the look.

acne tibi suit short suits

7. Flats and Low Heels (Loud Applause Please!!!!)  When working with clients if we are going to argue it usually has to do with shoes and heel height.  I lean towards a higher heel but this Spring the Gods are not in my favor and low heels and flats are on the catwalk.  J Crew Ballet Flats are not going away EVER!

10-pointy-flats-w724 low heels low heel2

8.  Ruffles -    When done in moderation I give them two thumbs up!  I particularly like the blouse below because it is framing her face.



9.  Wrap it up!  Diane von Furstenberg is our fearless leader for this trend.  She created the "wrap dress" which is a homerun in terms of fit and flatter to all body types. This Spring check for skirts also.



10. Tie it up-   This trend accentuates the waistline and gives balance to the body and makes you look thinner!!!

tie wrap trend

Alexis-Mabille-Spring-2016 tied up

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  1. Very inspiring, Monica. If I were to go shopping in my closet I am sure I could come up with at least some of your recommendations. The interesting thing is how feminine the looks are. Totally agree with the overexposed young ladies - not because I am old but because I imagine the reaction they would get with the clothes you recommend.
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  3. Mollie
    Wonderful picture show Of current trends--so much B&W!! Thank you! I'm inspired and I like the color outfits best of all as well as the flat shoes. Thank you!
    • Thanks for reading it and glad inspiration is in the mix!

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