Spring Shoe Splurge Part 2

The follow up to my last posting of my Spring Shoe Splurge on Ebay  . Below are the great outfits that compliment the shoes

1. Paul Green. These shoes I paired with a column pant, because the straps are a little heavy.  I would wear this outfit to meet a client for shopping, Paul Green shoes are so comfortable and I can stand in them all day!






2. Banana Republic - I would wear this dress hosting a dinner party . The dress is comfortable and also pretty.  The shoes are so easy and give me some height.






3. Kate Spade This is another dress I would wear hosting a dinner party.  So comfortable and the shoes stand out against the dress.  How simple is this?






4. Cole Haan.  These shoes have Nike Air so comfort is on my side.  I would wear these trekking in a stylish city such as San Francisco or  Chicago.






5. Cole Haan.  These shoes are so sexy with Black Patent and little gold stud details.  Not a great big heel so again comfortable and dressy.






6. Joan and David. I love these shoes!! I am on my third pair and I think they pair perfect with shorts. Dressy or Casual .






7. Kate Spade.  With the fabulous color of green and shape of this thong I wanted to highlight it with a shorter flirty skirt.  I think it worked!






8. Stuart Weitzman. Small Straps and a High heel work when pairing with a sexy straight skirt.






9.  Cole Haan.  With a Tapered, Bright colored Pant I believe in neutral tone shoes.  Also a  pointy pump flatters because it adds length and balances the shorter pant.







10.Cole Haan. Again a tapered pant, so instead of a pointy pump I went with a pointy booty.



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  2. You put it all together beautifully. I especially like some of the more casual clothes (hey, glad to see you wear those, too) with something a little dressy. Love the Kate Spades with the skirt. Very cute. Gives me lots of ideas.
    • Hi Judy, Thanks and yes I do dress casually- today cut off shorts, sneakers and a stripe top. I love stripes these days!
  3. Melissa
    I posted two shots on Pinterest! With appropriate credits of course. What great ideas! Thank you Monica.
    • Hi Melissa, thanks. I will need to see which ones you posted!
  4. enjoyed shoe splurge Monica. where are the Birkenstocks? just kidding. I am going to look for Paul Green shoes. love the pair you have.
    • Paul Green shoes have toured me thru Italy twice. They are great. Hope your race went well!

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