Spinning is good for you!

I love to Spin! 117I don't mean on the tea cups in Disneyland, or twirling on the dance floor or that feeling before you lose your cookies. I am talking about spinning on a stationary bike with resistance simulating riding a bike outdoors.

 The perks : You can't get run over by a car, you won't get a flat tire and you won't be subjected by the outdoor elements such as a bee swarm, swallowing a bee, and finally not having to wear your biking "costume" and look like an alien bee! Thus my bike is "out of order" at the moment for those reasons!003

I have been Spinning for over 11 years and to this day I tell my class I still love it and can't imagine life without it.  It is so crazy fun, totally intense and  last but not least a detox sweat fest!078I have been an instructor for 8 years and the best part is I get to be the DJ!002 I believe the art of a good playlist is to have lots of rhythm, drum beats to synchronize your pedal strokes, and  lyrics you can sing too If the mood strikes you.  I like soulful melodies you can feel, aggressive rock, classic rock, alternative,  80's  and a little humor never hurt either as Stand Up comedy has entered the building.  I enjoy all genres of music and I choreograph a class based on climbing hills, jumping, sprinting.093

One of the most enjoyable classes I ever taught was at LA Fitness 5 years ago.  It was New Years Eve morning and I had a Party PlayList that was off the charts!  I also provided party hats and noisemakers.

004Here is the memorable playlist!

Cocktails for Two 2:58 Spike Jones
Fight For Your Right 3:28 Beastie Boys
You Should Be.. (Blockster's 12_ Mix) 3:38 Blockster Ministry Of Sound:
Krazy (Feat. Lil Jon) 3:53 Pitbull Fast And Furious
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer 8:27 George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Revolution 3:24 Beatles
I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:26 The Beatles
Can-can 2:06 Offenbach
Feeling Good 2:55 Hans Zimmer, Nina Simone
Samb-Adagio 5:58 Safri Duo
Insane in the Brain 3:27 Cypress Hill
Shout (Parts 1 & 2) 4:23 The Isley Brothers
Tequila 2:14 The Champs
Auld Lang Syne 1:49 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Auld Lang Syne 3:22 Mairi Campbell,
Auld Lang Syne 2:09 Guy Lombardo
The Best Is Yet To Come 3:40 Tony Bennett, Diana Krall Duets: An American Classic Vocal, Easy-Listening, Jazz 56 11/12/2011 11:56 AM

One of the best parts of a spin class is developing friendships.  I have so many wonderful friends because of spinning.  I think to myself if it wasn't for this class I would of never met them . What a gift! Thank you Mike for toweling me off!
126So many delightful students have joined me for an intense hour and thoroughly enjoyed themselves






So let's talk about shoes!


Cycling shoes are needed to clip in and get that simulation I was talking about with a road bike.  I have gotten my moneys worth on my first pair of Spinning shoes I purchased  12 years ago.  My replacements are Moon Platinum Silver Sidi's and was referenced in class as "My little Air Streamers! I am loyal to Sidi but there are a lot of good shoes to choose from.

110  So many people come up to me and say spinning looks intimidating, really hard; I think I would have a heart attack!  Nonsense!  I have had 88 year olds in class as well as ten year olds. If they can do it so can you!  Also it is gentle on the body and great exercise if your limited because of knee issues, ect.

So on a final note I encourage you to give Spinning a try. You might like/love it!  I also want to thank all of the people who have taken my classes and supported me thru the years, we really have had a blast!   I plan on continuing for years to come!!!039

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  1. Someday I will try a spin class, Monica. I am sure I would love it. I totally agree with the benefits of cycling, that it is non-weight bearing on worn down knees and hips and you get a lot of benefit for the time put in. For now, I go out on the roads, some of them busy because I love the fresh air and time alone with my thoughts. I will cycle as long as I can but at some point I will have to head inside and will do so gladly. Thanks for posting.
    • Thanks for reading Judy, you should try it when it is a bad weather day!
  2. Carol Gordon
    Gosh Monica, what don't you do? You're amazing!!! I will look for a spinning class in this area, my gym doesn't have spinning. I love the fact that you threw in the "shoe" lesson at the end - have to have something about shoes!

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