Shorts 101

 Shorts in my opinion have become more popular over the last year.  We are catching on to dressing them up and showing some leg.

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I have embraced wearing shorts this year and I am enjoying them.  Remember FASHION IS FUN!!!!   Do I have some cellulite? YES.  Do I have big thighs?  YES.  Am I over 40 years old?  YES!   If those answers resonate with you I encourage you to give shorts a try and be brave.


I think the key to being successful with your shorts outfit is selecting the right shoes, accessories and tops to create a stylish, pulled together outfit rather than the oldschool way of wearing shorts which is a tee shirt with flat sandals or flip flops - ultra casual.

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Below are tips and rules on wearing Shorts.

Shorts for Full Thighs:  Look for Slim-Cut Bermudas that cover your quads.  Also a lower waist saves you from looking frumpy.

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Shorts for Short Legs:  Go for a 5 inch inseam to play up your legs. Remember you are creating the illusion of a longer leg.  Add a heel or wedge for added height.

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DILEMMA:  What if you have short and full legs???  You need to decide what type of shorts ultimately look best on you and what you feel most comfortable in.

Shorts for Long Legs:  Show just the right amount of skin with a mid-length style. Roll-ups balance out lanky slender leg

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Consider your height 

Longer shorts create the impression of shorter legs, while short shorts lengthen the leg, giving the impression of height.  Women of most heights can find stylish and flattering shorts that hit around the mid-thigh.

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Consider the fit

Shorts that flare out toward the bottom, rather than hugging the thigh, are flattering for petite girls and curvy women alike, Think Hourglass or Pear Shapes.


Go up a size especially in white

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Check the Pockets

Pockets can make or break a pair of shorts. Fewer pockets the better The large pockets on cargo pockets tend to draw attention to your hips and thighs.

Go for Straight cuts, no outdated pleats

Look for shorts that have clean, straight lines. patterns. Dark-colored shorts are also slimming and can look both casual and sophisticated paired with the right shoes.

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Go for Small Prints rather than large Prints. Floral or tropical print shorts can be a fun and flashy addition to your wardrobe, especially in the summer months.

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Dressing Up Shorts

1. Try dressy silk crepe or sturdy stretch cotton; avoid flimsy cotton voile and  linen.

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2. Think of shorts as you would a skirt.  Feminine blouses, blazers, lightweight sweaters and cardigans

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J Crew Shorts

3. Add accessories such as great belts, statement jewelry and of course great shoes!

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What Shoes do I wear with my shorts?

High Heels
High heels with shorts make legs look longer and leaner. They can also dress up your outfit quickly. However, because the type of heel and the height of the heel can look provocative, make the rest of your outfit a little more conservative.  Suggestions: Basic Pumps,  Heeled Sandals, Brushed Metallic Shoes, and Wedges.

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Sandals                                                                                                                       Neutral colors,Light Medium Brown's, and  metallic’s. The thinner the straps and less of them are best.  Be careful with Gladiators, the higher they go up on your leg, the shorter and stumpier your leg will be.

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Flats                                                                                                                           Flats with shorts can be challenging.  They can make your legs look shorter.  If you are blessed with long legs you can wear whatever you like and will look great.  For the rest of us, nude flats or colors that blend well with skin tones will not cut off your legs and elongate them instead. Also the further down your shoe is cut, the longer your leg will seem.

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Boots and Booties                                                                                                 For Fashion Risk Takers!  Easiest in the Fall/ Winter with tights of the same color. Watch for heel height, not to tall.

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Tennis Shoes/ Sport Shoes/Teva’s                                                                         Only for Sports, Hiking, Outdoor Adventures, Travelling/Touring in which case it would be a stylish sport shoe.

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Flip Flops                                                                                                                  Save for around the house.  Dressy Flip Flops are acceptable, preferably with a wedge to elongate your leg.

Fashion Therapy:     Last I would like to leave you with my personal tips-

How to Get Over your Fear Factor of Wearing Shorts

1.Wear shorts around the house--Baby Steps

2. Exfoliate your skin- Mandatory no matter what!

3. Lotion up- You are doing this already right?

4. Self Tan- My favorite is Nivea Sun Kissed Lotion

5. Color Counts. Tans and Light olive Khaki's can work against your skin color. Pick     a color that is flattering to your skin tone

6. Strike a Pose. Check your legs out in a mirror and learn the best way of standing     to camouflage your flaws (jiggly thighs, knees)

7. Be confident and realistic- Good Self Esteem never hurts either!




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  2. Great advice, Monica. I actually looked good in shorts when I was young and my legs were always one of my best features. Unfortunately, although still not bad, the veins are distracting so I stick with capris. You are so fortunate - great legs, Ms. Monica. Of course, I sometimes wear shorts around the house.

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