Part 7 Make Over of the Year: Dillard's Shopping Spree

The fun continues as I take Jodi to Dillard's Tucson Mall for the remainder of her $250.00 Shopping Spree provided by Dillard's.  Cheryl Prendergast is awaiting our arrival as we need to fill in the holes of Jodis wardrobe and make sure she goes home with a Black Jacket. Cheryl is the wonderful, talented, professional team mate I am fortunate to work with when I bring Clients in to shop at Dillard's.006 Our goal of both shopping trips both at Buffalo Exchange and Dillard's were to beef up Jodi's casual professional wardrobe.

Same strategy as Buffalo Exchange, Shop the entire floor first then try everything on. This saves time and you only  are in the dressing room once.  Good thinking! Oh we had a little fun on the way and Jodi had a litlle sticker shock!028

025As Jodi and I discovered within minutes she is so tiny (Size 0)  that most jackets, sweaters, and tops were to big even at the 0 size, or XXS.  With all my years of shopping for clients I can't say I have ever come across a client not fitting into a 0.  HMMM I have got a challenge here.027

I like a challenge, bring it on!!  So lets go downstairs to the Junior dept!!!! Jodi stay focused, no faux beast today, I believe she said Yak! 029 This strategy worked in regards to pants AKA leggings that are not your ordinary leggings.  I am working with a dancer who happens to love sparkle, flash and fringe!069  I approved of her gold foiled print leggings as long as she calmed them down with a Conservative fitted Jacket. Balance is the key. Oh and the price??  You can't beat it.081

I never have total control with a shopping spree.  I like my client to have input and pull things they like - the truth unravels in the dressing room whether it is right or wrong.032

The Black Jacket:Gianni Bini, Great fit will need to be altered in the sleeves


The $11.00 pants:  "Missoni wanna be's" and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.  A major game changer for Jodi was going from a wide leg pant to a tight pant, or leggings.  The tight pant gives the illusion of longer legs, and we found out just how great her legs were with this change.  No more wide pants!


The Fantasy Purchase:Fur Theory Ensemble.  Upon arriving at the store, Jody suggested she would pick out one ensemble that was over the top and expensive.  Result was Theory's $345.00 Rabbit Fur Bandeau x 2. Voila!


The Shoes: We were lucky to stumble upon a 65% Sale off Shoes.  Jodi walked away with 4 pairs of edgy gorgeous shoes averaging $31.00 each.  Score!

077 068

The Loot:  Pretty Woman!  Jodi only had to spend an extra $31.00 for her shopping spree on Clothes and $116.00 for her shoe purchases.  Excellent Value which includes 3 Black Jackets, 2 pairs of pants, 2 cardigans, and 3 tops


The Bond:  We are having so much fun together and not only is Jodi growing and learning but I am also.  Surprises and Lessons always come into play when you surrender your self, and allow for things to just happen.


We have now completed our MakeOver of the Year to do List.  Next up is a Fun Fashion Photo Shoot highlighting all the work and celebrating the New Jodi!!! I will be taking the photos and I am thankful for Stephanie Lew and Brittney Christie who were both my teachers in teaching me how to  take a good shot!  They both are amazing photographers.

Stay Tuned and Watch us on the Morning Blend -KGun Wednesday February 25th at 11am.





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