Part 6 Make Over of the Year: The Facial and Makeup Lesson

The Makeover of the year with the winner Jodi Netzer  is more than I could of ever imagined!!!  Everyone involved is absolutely 100% on board and I couldn't be happier.  Jodi and I now are headed to Blue Mercury which generously donated a facial and makeover for the promotion.  Blue Mercury is a boutique Beauty Bar and Spa located at La Encantada  and what a luxurious day ahead for Jodi.

The Facial:057

Nancy Matherne was Jodi's facialist and took care of Jodi with caring hands.  Jodi has been  negligent with a skin care regime, so Nancy educated her on Skin Care 101 and Jodi being the awesome student that she is listened diligently and was ready to make some changes for her daily at home beauty routine. See the smile she is willing and ready!   A new habit takes 21 days for success.
078Nancy discovered that Jody had very sensitive skin and it showed with flakiness and red irritation. Jodi also has dehydrated skin and needs moisture.  She was using water, soap occasionally, coconut oil  and that is it. It will take time for her skin to acclimate to being taken care of!!!

Products that were used to calm and cleanse were Skinceuticals Gentle Cleansing Cream followed by Dermalogica Rice Enzyme Daily Microfoliant.  Ingredients include Green tea, Ginkgo, and salicylic acid that would lift the flakiness, calm, and sooth.  Nancy also used Skinceuticals Hydra Balm to massage and finish with Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense SpF 30 Sunscreen.
062Jodi's eyebrows were a little unruly so Nancy took the liberty to trim them and shape them up a bit.067 And for all of us who have had a facial,  I think you will agree--- the massage is the best part--- YES?????? Jody is in sleepy bliss land064.075The Makeover lesson and application was given by Heather Van Houten.  With  years of experience, Jodi was going to glow and look flawless after Heather's touch.  Heather chose Nars nude collection and added  a bit of  beachy natural look

079Concealer is in my vocabulary and mandatory for a polished eye. Dark Circles? Puffy?  God forbid you didn't get all your beauty sleep?  CONCEALER!!!!!
087 Dab Dab Dab, Heather is working her magic089 Jodi hasn't seen the final results but can sense it is all good! Her makeover is coming along quite nicely! Heather used a tint moisturizer with Sunscreen, blush, sheer powder,  the nude eyeshadows from Nars, Mascara.  Her lipstick is a pale pink- very sexy in my opinion.  I am a red lip gal so I like to see the alternative!095

The Celebration of feeling gorgeous!  Wow!!!!

098 Jodi's outfit  was purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days ago on her shopping Spree,part of the Makeover of the Year.

Wool and the Gang Knit Vest, Black Cami, Sparkle Leggings and Walter Steiger Black Boots.  I am impressed and a proud Stylist today!

I am wearing Lafayette Burgundy Suede Jacket, Zara Rose Blouse and Zara Jeans, Vince Camuto Leopard Booties.

109Jodi is clearly turning into a glam rock star and I am loving every minute of it!  Next up is  the Final Photo Shoot  and oh--- a surprise bonus with her ultimate makeover!!! Stay tuned  it just keeps getting better!151

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  1. She looks fabulous. How lucky for her to have you guiding.
  2. Melissa
    What a great journey! I am living vicariously and loving every minute.
  3. I love the post!! She looked so radiant!!

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