Part 5 Makeover of the Year- THE HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year is really coming along beautifully with the winner Jodi Netzer and today was the day  I had been waiting for!!!!! The Haircut and Style!!!!!

Her last haircut was the year 2000!!!  I think it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

studio 110

Vanessa Baird owner of Studio 110 was the woman who was going to cut and style her hair. 021 Vanessa was so helpful in discussing with Jodi what haircut would look best on her based on the shape of her face and her little petite frame as well.028  The shape of her face is elongated slightly, and currently with the length of her hair it was too much hair in conjunction with her little petite frame.  Vanessa and Jodi agreed on a Lob (long bob),  with slight layers.  Jodi also has course hair so it was important she used some products that defreezed and smoothed her hair out. Vanessa used Salt Spray on her .

The Shampoo and Massaging the Scalp-  Ahhhhh034

The Cut036038043

The blow dry:  Vanessa said to prevent frizz always hold the blow dryer in a down position rather than up042

All of Jodi's dead ends are gone.  Her hair looks healthy, soft and pretty.  What an improvement 044049The Curling:  Vanessa used Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch barrel to curl Jodi's hair.  The goal to bring a little body and curl for her hair.  Vanessa informed us TJ MaXX has this tool for 19.99.  The purchase was made the next day  for Jodi to use at home.052

TA DA!!!!  I love the gentle bounce and body of her hair.  The length is perfect, not weighing her down.
Styling Tips.  Vanessa is demonstrating how to pull back hair in a stylish way.  Jodi was pulling it back in a low twist, which aged her.  By pulling it back a little tighter and above her ears it gives a fresher more youthful look
066071Another option of a pull back look.  A few bobby pins to hold it secure.076BEFORE002AFTER   WOW!!!058

I asked Jodi to wear something she had purchased at Buffalo Exchange yesterday and I loved what she put together.  She is looking fabulous in her mini skirt and showing off a great asset- her beautiful legs!!, Add a  Splendid Blue Cotton Cardigan over a white cami, a little jewelry and coral wedges and you have an outfit!   The wedges also came from Buffalo.  055


Vanessa was wonderful in educating not only Jodi, but I learned a few tips too!  Thank you Vanessa!!

I am excited to be holding NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS Workshop at Studio 110 on March 22nd at 11am.  For more info please go to my website at

Next Service on the MakeOver of the Year --- Facial and Make up at Blue Mercury!!! Stay tuned


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  1. She looks great with the new haircut. Much more sophisticated, even for a boho chick!
  2. Kay Cherones
    Wow ladies! That is some transformation. Love it! Kay

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