Palm Springs- The Parker WOW!!!!

Quick trip and so much to digest so to speak.  I haven't visited Palm Springs in 15 years and I forgot how much I loved it.162  Let me rephrase that I think I love it more than when I first visited.  My appreciation for Mid Century Modern Architecture and Interiors has increased triple fold since my last visit. 161 For starters I stayed at the Parker  which is the bomb for everything I just mentioned above.  

142My purpose was to visit my mother who is not well, and my sister travelling from Virginia  joined me along with my husband.074  I knew it was going to be a emotional trip so my instincts were  to stay at the best place and make the most of it while dealing with family issues.  Mission accomplished.147

The Parker  is one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed in.  Once upon a time Merv Griffin's Resort and Givenchy Spa,  it had a major makeover.

I felt like I belonged here the minute I stepped on the property.  I don't feel that way with other hotels.  The vibe was laid back with a great sense of style and I was responding immediately,  feeling a sense of calm and happiness.  The Mission Inn was completely different in the sense of architecture but gave me the same feeling.087 Bliss and Joy!  ( Notice the Giraffes in my blouse)  Irony to come......119  This is why we need to travel, to jumpstart are senses again and feel alive with what we love and are attracted too!

Jonathan Adler Interior Decorator, decorated the hotel.  Having already owned his book and enjoying every minute of it, the book came to life as I saw  in person his talent. I am in awe over his decor. Fun, Whimsical, comfortable and definitely colorful!!!047

046082While my stay was short I tried to soak it all in084

The entrance and Foyer of the Parker140

The room with Jonathan Adler touches


photo11The Amenities!!!! Yes090

Private Patio with Hammock and the only noise I heard was chirping of birds and as I looked up saw trees against palms.091

094The grounds spacious, inviting and wanting you to investigate every inch



OMG Ping Pong !!!!!!!!058The Spa luxurious, exotic  and peaceful

Indoor  Salt Swimming Pool071Moroccan Rest Area under a twinkle star tent068

Private Pilates Room- Steve and I had the privilege of using114

The pool,

Beautiful people with a  quiet vibe and lounge music in background--- aahhhh



The "cocktail" lounge sitting area049Julia and Steve077048

Me and my Sissy099

100Normas Restaurant 087

The Fashion Photo shoot -  What timing to witness

112As we were ready to depart Steve said drop your bags there is a giraffe by the pool!  All part of the Lauren Conrad Fashion Photo Shoot126 133 The Giraffe's trainer took off the harness and the Giraffe decided to run around a bit on the grounds.  We were told to be quiet and still.  I glued myself to a Palm tree but still took sneaky pics!132 131

I told you the hotel is amazing.  Magical is the word.


Now for the one day on Palm Canyon Drive---

Mid Century Galore!!!!  I can't wait to come back and investigate all the stores and take tours of architecture history ect...  Here are a few stores that lured me in........

169 168 167 165

The Drive home044And on that note I will be be returning as this trip was a tease and I lust for more!!!




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  1. Wow, it looks fabulous, Monica. I find Palm Springs intriguing, too but have not been there in many years. I think mid-century modern is a particularly American look, don't you? Very much enjoyed the photos and I can see how you would love this place.
    • I love Mid-Century decor and architecture. I think it is most American. I really do look forward to returning. Thanks for reading!!!
  2. Carol Gordon
    So glad your blogs are back! Loved this - so beautiful, and great pics!

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