Its a Dogs Day Everyday in Carmel!

Carmel by the Sea, California is truly a special place.137  It is a cottage town that I would define charming, sophisticated, rustic, artistic, lush, wealthy, friendly, and lets not forget the Spectacular  Sea!191 I have been visiting Carmel since I was a little girl, having lived in the Bay Area the visit was only an hour and a half away.   We would always bring our dogs on the visit because then and now Carmel is the most dog friendly city in the Nation. 216 Dogs are everywhere!  I am a dog lover so to be surrounded by dogs in shops, on sidewalks, seated with their owners at cafes and to see them run and play on the beach brings me so much joy and happiness.  The freedom they have is something I envy and desire. Watching them play, and run moves me into playmode too!  I don't think I am alone with this feeling.195 215 Below are highlights of a Dog's World in Carmel by the Sea!!!!! The Ocean/Beach 340 248 242 217 251 235 058 227 065 208 203 241 244 033 Dogs Life in The Town Dogs are greeted everywhere, and they seem to all be well behaved.  I have never seen a dog fight or bad behavior in all my visits to Carmel 153Transportation needed! 136 This is the most elegant dog.  I call this dog the Deco Dog!  A graceful giant that stays with her owner everyday at her Art Gallery. 298 303 A regal Irish Setter enjoying his days with his owner at Fourtanes Jewelry Store. 309 I enjoyed browsing and had my eye on a $55,000 ring!  On a side note I will never be a hand model! I am okay with that.IMG_3431 Hello Fluffy! 288 Lloyds Shoe Store has been around since I was 8 years old! Wow I couldn't believe it was still here on Ocean Avenue. Of course I walked in!!! SHOES!!!! 282 Time for a Trim 179 I see both of you!!  Taken at Carmel Mission 409 This is the owner's dog of Gallery Plein Aire.  He is smiling in case you wondered. 316   317 The owner Cyndra Bradford is an extremely talented artist and on my last visit to Carmel I purchased one of her paintings.  This beautiful oil is so rich and I love that blue eye!  Cyndra took in the horse from neglect and brought him back to life. 004 I wanted to visit her Gallery again and say hi.  I was fortunate to watch her start a painting and in 2 hours see her progress.  So impressed and envious of her talents! 319 326 I feel that joy again  just sharing these pictures and a little taste of Carmel. Stay tuned for next post on  the Lush Life Carmel has to offer!

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  1. Loved your photo essay, Monica. It looks so beautiful there - Dick and I visited many, many years ago. So when we do our epic return, it will include Carmel. I love to see dogs happy and they seem to particularly love the beach. And I do appreciate that you appreciate art. Stay well.
    • Thanks Judy. How are things in Colorado? Any new art projects for you?
      • Monica - I did a collage a couple of weeks ago: "He's gone, Juliet" but now it is a little stressful - we sold our house here! We only have 3 weeks left and then back to Tucson. Packing, packing. Art will resume at some point when things quiet down. Best to you.
      • Hi Monica - Your blog is a breath of fresh air - glad you are enjoying yourself. I did a collage a few weeks ago: "He's Gone, Juliet" but art projects are on hold while we pack up this house and sell everything. The house sold! Just a little over three weeks left and then back to Tucson where we will probably pack a bag and head out again to cooler places. Take care and stay well.
  2. To be a dog in Carmel looks like a wonderful life. In fact, as I remember on my days living in Monterey, being a human in Carmel is also a good gig.

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