Fashion Shoots

I am fortunate to know  many young talented ladies who are photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and models here in Tucson and Phoenix.  We get together from time to time with enthusiasm, energy, creativity  and hope that this photo shoot will be the one!  You know.......................... the Italian Vogue spread.

Stephanie Lew- Photographer036

Brittney Christie- Photographer109

Mayra Gomez- Makeup Artist014

Khara Williams- Makeup Artist027

Steve Negri- Assistant082

I am the stylist most of the time, I have also been the make up artist , and my favorite photo shoots are shot at our house.  I like to provide a warm home when everyone comes together- healthy food, and snacks, beverages and espresso.  We all need espresso for these long days- Usually 6-8 hours of shooting.  Let's also add in 2-3 hours of cleaning the house, and backyard prior to the shoot.   My husband is always kind to help out with all the cleaning and backyard .  I  also spend 2-3 hours pulling clothes and props  from my private collection to create the "look" of the shoot.  I love doing this kind of work, it keeps my creative juices flowing.


Below are some of my favorite photo shoots that were shot at our house .

Antonia Kastilahn:  She was the very first photo shoot I was part of.  Stephanie Lew was the amazing photographer, Khara Williams was the MUA, Mayra Gomez the HairStylist. I was the Stylist .antonia 4

antona 3

antonia 6

Katie Reed:  Super fun day with Katie, same crew as above.076



Mr. and Mrs. Negri:  Yes that's us! We hadn't had any professional pics of us since we were married so we thought it was about time .  Brittney Christie was the Photographer and I styled myself and Steve.107



Tristin Crenshaw:  Great model for never modelling before. What a natural! Stephanie Lew and Monica Negri Photographers, Makeup and Styling :Monica Negri




Michelle Meyer Nuriddin: Another great model for never modelling before. Same credits as above




CaShawnna Evans  and Chelsea Chun:  Both lovely models with very different looks.  Brittney Christie and Monica Negri : Photographers, Mayra Gomez: Makeup and Hair, Stylist: Monica Negri


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  2. I was thinking how great it is for these young women to have you here in Tucson, Monica. They all look lovely and your assistant, Steve, looks great, too. Everyone needs an assistant - mine does my framing and builds worktables and storage racks for me.

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