Christian Louboutin's

So I broke down at Barney's New York in Chicago and bought my first pair of Christian Louboutins.


I have a weakness every time I walk into an elegant Shoe Salon and after having  had  a glass of Champagne at lunch nothing was really holding me back!   What put this little bee in my bonnet was while walking on Michigan Avenue in a sea of people  my gaze looked down and  a woman in front of me was flashing the  Louboutin Soles with every step.

It looked so cool and need I say how she stood out in the crowd-- wow how I wanted those shoes and 3 days later I got them !

To mark Christian Louboutins 20 years in business and 60th anniversary of Crazy Horse Risque Cabaret in Paris he is serving as the guest creator to the new spectacular Feu (Fire). He commented" Something tells me that the dancers will keep their shoes on in this performance."

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