3 Pairs of Gucci's

  1. Gucci Loafers from my Consignment Store obtained in 1996
  2. Custom made Gucci Thongs made by moi  in 2011
  3. Gucci Label Kitten Mule Heels obtained in 2011

I can’t explain why , but I love Gucci’s green and red stripes, along with all the status that goes behind the name.  I don't consider myself a label whore and try to avoid advertising a company's brand , but somehow Gucci slipped thru the cracks with my fashion ethic code. The Gucci  History is fascinating, so many family squabbles, greed, disloyalty , betrayal and death, it is no wonder the brand came crashing down and almost became obsolete.

It wasn’t until someone brought in a pair of Gucci Loafers to  my consignment store Timeless, in Palo Alto California that I even recognized or cared about Gucci.  I looked at these shoes and it was love at first sight. The loafers were so solid, the brown leather  shiny and rich, along with the iconic horse bit to top it off. Image

It was 1994 and no one seemed to care about Gucci anymore.  Gucci had lost its status as a giant from the 1960’s. Not only were loafers being brought into my store but also Gucci bags, belts, and  scarves that women just wanted to dump . I saw the value in these items and bought them to of course “save them”  The Gucci loafer is  the only shoe displayed in the New York Modern Museum of Art to this day.  It was in 1995 that Tom  Ford became the creative director of Gucci and resurrected the brand from going bankrupt to a 4.5 billion dollar empire all around the world.  I remember watching the Grammy’s and seeing Madonna present an award in a fitted navy silk blouse , navy velvet pants and satin navy pointyheels.  Wow!!!!!!!!!   That’s “Gucci”.

Model Amber Valleta in 1995 Gucci Ad created by Tom Ford


As my desire to own more Gucci prevailed, on a trip to Italy in 2003 an opportunity arose to buy some Gucci on the street literally and to buy fast, as the merchant would be moving his loot in about 5 minutes before the polizia came to bust up the illegal selling of fake merchandise.  I couldn’t resist and bought two Gucci bags, a belt and a Hat all for $85.00. It was an adrenaline rush. I brought home the loot, and it sat around until one day when I looked at those green and red stripes on the belt, took a look at my old Reef flip flops and decided to perform surgery to give the flip flops a Gucci lift.  I carefully sewed on the “stripes “and before my eyes I now  was the proud owner of  “Gucci flip flops that retail for $250.00  I save these flip flops for special occasions- smart outfits, clean lines so that the stripes always stand out.  Never compete with Gucci!


Last year, Steve and I traveled to New York for the Holiday Season. The Holiday Windows are breathtaking, eye candy everywhere- on the streets, in the restaurants I could go on and on we all know New York City is a sensory overload and I love every minute  of being overloaded”!  We trekked to Soho one day and after having a fabulous lunch at Grammercy Tavern we ventured to Buffalo Exchange to see what kind of trouble we could get into.   I always shop shoes first and to my delight their they were waiting for me .  Gucci Kitten Heel Mules for $40.00!  I also scooped up a Jil  Sander top, Italian Riding Boots oh and some Manolos.  SCORE!!


So to date I own three pairs of Gucci’s, lets see what the future holds and I will keep you posted------

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  1. great post
  2. Julia
    Hello! Great post. I was was wondering if you have any additional information on the particular pair of 1966 Gucci Loafers that you posted? Thanks!

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