An Afternoon at Bergdorf Goodmans

The way Audrey Hepburn  adores a visit to Tiffany's is how I  feel about a visit to Bergdorf Goodman's. 


Gazing at the spectacular window displays gives me an immediate  adrenaline rush!

 I get so inspired  by what I see, my love for fashion takes hold of me all over again.

 Upon the revolving doors I  know sensory overload is upon me . What I  see, touch, hear, smell, and taste will all be wonderful.

I will see beautiful, extravagant, luxurious clothes, purses, and shoes displayed gorgeously.  

I will touch exquisite fabrics of silk, cashmere, feathers, and satins.

I will hear music setting the mood. and I will smell bouquets of flowers with the latest perfumes.


 I will taste a chilled bubbly champagne as it washes down my  delicious meal!!

My appreciation in experiencing such luxury is so I can understand it and then adopt the look, and style into  what I  can afford.  A luxurious lifestyle can be obtained on a variety of budgets.  This formula has worked for me forever. Knowledge is power!

On this particular visit I  was excited to experience a new pop up shop located on the 4th floor.  Linda's.


She describes it as a fantasy closet.

  As I entered it was a cornucopia oozing with well just about everything of this and that!   It was a little boutique exploding with colorful extravagant merchandise.

 If the merchandise was not displayed with perfection it could have misrepresented all the beautiful items that we were to appreciate so much!

Also on the 4 th floor are many couture designers. Chanel, Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Celine and many more.  I enjoyed gently touching  the garments, seeing the cuts, and designs , embellishments, craftsmanship- in other words,  seeing and touching the BEST!

The 7th floor houses home decor and the restaurant Bg.  On previous visits,  I  enjoyed the Collection of Vintage china.  It was mismatched and eclectic very similar to my own collection which I enjoy daily.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated by Kelly Wearstler with simple elegance.  Chinoise birds and fleur wallpaper, white tablecloths, chic water glasses and place settings.

The gentleman waitstaff wore white jackets.   Surrounded by all this beauty it was only proper to order a glass of  crémant d’alsace, les natures  champagne!  I am always in celebration mode at Bergdorfs!  As I looked around I felt as if everyone was happy to be there also!

My lunch consisted of  two first courses:  BG devilled eggs, baby arugula, crispy pancetta, followed by Seared diver scallops, artichoke ricotta ravioli, truffle beurre blanc, shaved truffles,  warm bread and butter and one wrapped chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth!  It was an expensive lunch but I think it is necessary to treat yourself once in awhile and indulge!

The Shoe Salon was my last eye candy of the day.

 Shoe porn is definitely happening at Bergdorfs! 

And at the highest  level you can imagine. $$$$$

 I lusted as I always do at the beautiful shoes and enjoyed watching the participants in the act of browsing, trying on, and purchasing.  Most amusing on all counts.

On a final note I had the pleasure of sharing this experience  with my wonderful friend Melissa.  It was her first time at Bergdorf's and I look forward to my, our next visit!! 

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