Project Makeover Winner 2016

Project Makeover
Monica Negri

Out with the old … in with the bold! One local woman won the opportunity through Tucson Lifestyle to receive a new look — hair, makeup and wardrobe consultations. Monica Negri of Ten Outfits Wardrobe Consulting provides a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation process.

The excitement began with randomly selecting a winner from the hundreds of online entrants, and announcing the name on KGUN 9’s The Morning Blend.

When I called winner Christine Hawley, I heard the words that every fashion stylist longs for: “I have always wanted someone to edit my closet!”

A Realtor with Tierra Antigua, Chris has been a single mother with six children for 21 years, which hasn’t left her a lot of time to focus on herself.


We met at her house and sat down to review a Style Questionnaire she had filled out prior to my arrival. I also instructed her on what colors are best suited for her (she is a warm, spring palette), line and design, and which clothing will most flatter her based on her body type. This also was an opportunity to get to know each other. Her house was busy with two of her daughters, who were curious about what I had to say, and her three dogs — who just wanted to know what I was doing there! We all got along.

After the evaluation we headed to the master bedroom, daughters and dogs included. It was now a closet party. I normally work one on one, so I said a little prayer that all points of view were in my favor!

The edit began and the votes were unanimous. Get rid of that! Either the clothes were too big, too old, outdated or stained. We did argue over one particular skirt, about which the daughters had a nice memory. I said to the gang, “Do you want your mom to look cute or sophisticated?” I won that argument. Sophisticated — yet fun — at 60 is the image Chris needs and wants.

The bathtub was filling up with clothing at a rapid rate as I was tossing items over the girls’ heads while they were both seated on the ledge. These clothes were to be donated to a charity organization or tossed. A question that one must always ask is, “Does this serve a purpose for me now in my life?” It was exhilarating for Chris as she clearly saw why the clothes didn’t fit in her life anymore.

Three hours later, the tub had reached to the height of a soufflé! Ten percent of her closet remained.

It was time to shop!


We went on two shopping trips, with $250 gift certificates at each stop. The beauty of shopping at Dillard’s with clients is that my right hand there is Cheryl Prendergast, who has worked for the company for 20 years. She is dynamic, professional, dedicated, supportive, knowledgeable and charismatic.

When I brought Chris in for our shopping trip, her anticipation and excitement shined through! We cruised the racks, hunting and gathering for possibilities.

With her $250 gift certificate, we found beautiful items and put together some gorgeous outfits. Some of the brands that worked for her included Antonio Melani, Vince Camuto, Theory and Kenneth Cole.

I have had a personal and professional history with Buffalo Exchange for more than 15 years. I have shopped for many clients at their stores, and held fashion workshops at their various locations. I wanted Chris to experience Buffalo Exchange and it proved to be a good fit for her. She took home Talbots jackets with tags still on, great tops, pants, and skirts. By being open and trying on different items, she got a better sense of what looks good on her. I asked her why something worked, versus what didn’t. Lessons like that, my clients have forever.


Beauty day is the ultimate treat for any woman. At Gadabout SalonSpas, Chris was directed to her facial room, where the next hour consisted of Stephanie pampering her with lotions and potions that best suited Chris’ skin. After a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, a dramatic green mask was applied to hydrate and rejuvenate her skin. She also learned about how to take better care of her skin overall, and the experience was a strong reminder of how we need to do that for ourselves daily.

Maddie was Chris’s makeup artist, and she applied foundation to even out her skin, concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes, blush for rosy cheeks, and eye shadows to complement her beautiful green eyes. The game changer was to fill in her brows, because they were very sparse. I have always told my clients that brows are so important — you must frame your eyes. We are making eye contact frequently throughout the day, and it is a disservice to you not to have two fully defined brows!


If your bra doesn’t fit properly, your tops are not going to fit well, either. I always recommend getting fit once a year for any shifts such as weight gain or loss and the all-around effects of aging. Also, bras, like any other garment, don’t last forever. They need to be replaced no matter how well you take care of them. By the way, the dryer is never an option. Never!

Dryers kill lingerie. Bravo owner Katrina Anderson expertly fitted Chris into a different size than she was currently wearing. This was not a surprise to me; I see it a lot. The bras were beautiful — one black lace, the other a basic nude that would be a daily staple. These were matched with panties. Mix-and-match sets are for your younger years. As we get to the age of wanting and deserving the best, I believe starting your outfit with beautiful matching lingerie is a luxury, and a sure-fire way to feel great!


We arrived at Gadabout where Andrea was her hair stylist. After a little Q & A, the process began. First step: highlights and lowlights added to her baby-fine blond hair. The truth came out that Chris had been using a spray peroxide lightening formula for years, which had resulted in damaged locks, so Andrea explained the benefits of a salon professional.

The goal of the haircut was to trim the front and stack in the back. Andrea added some wavy curls with a curling iron, which is something Chris never had done before. She loved the results of her hair with more volume, wave and bounce!

Bianca was the makeup artist for the photo shoot. I will sum up the highlight: False eyelashes. How fun, dramatic and enhancing a pair of awnings can be for a beautiful pair of eyes! And Bianca has perfected applying them and made it look so easy.

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