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What to Wear, Packing Strategies for a Luxury Getaway Weekend

When anticipating a luxurious spa weekend at The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside one must pack with careful thought. Two words:  Relaxed Glamour! Bring comfortable clothes but also add a  little exotic,  a little flashy, a little sense of escapism. Accessories can play a huge part to this plan. Zara Prada wanna be Sparkly…
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Two Weeks Exploring Alaska by Car in One Outfit not Ten!

This trip was going to be an adventure no doubt.  Out of my comfort zone in regards to elegant dining, accommodations, fashion and style , big city museums and excursions with all the Architecture and Cityscapes wrapped around it.This trip was not about any of that. This trip was about Nature, Wildlife, Simple Accommodations, and BEER!  Alaskans love their BEER from…
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Ten things I loved about Phoenix this past weekend

1. A NEW CHILL SPOT  The VIG. Great vibe, awesome DJ  lounge tunes, and a neighborhood cat that owns the spot. The highlight this weekend?  The temperature was 70 and with added heat lamps who can complain? 2. ORANGE TREES. Abundant everywhere and so mature, I ask myself why I didn't taste one? 3. DINING…
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